Hello, I am:

Harry S

Harry S
Harry S


Actor, Cool, Narrative, Natural, Upbeat, Warm

What languages do you work in as a voice talent?

What languages do you speak well enough to work in?
English and Spanish.

Do you sing?

What types of voice overs do you do?

Have you ever done any acting in theatre or film?
Yes, some 10 years ago I acted in shows in London's West End and in two BBC TV shows.

How long have you been a voice artist?
3 years.

When did you realize you were good at doing voice overs?
I had done some voice acting before, but I think it was at university, when I started working on the student radio, selecting music and chatting about it, that I started getting serious about audio. Only listening back did I realise that my voice sounded good on air!

Do you have a funny anecdote about a voice over job you’ve done?
Hearing your voice come out of a speaker when you are in public is always a surprise.

What compliments do you get about your voice?
In the UK, people say it's 'posh' – I'm not sure if that's a compliment though!

Do you have a hobby or passion relevant to voice overs that you’d like to comment on?
Music is my main passion, and working behind the mic as well as in front of it. When you are making your own podcasts and documentaries, you have to be able to do it all: talking, editing, producing – the lot!


Harry brings his experience as a musician and producer into the sound booth to give clients the perfect read.

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