Hello, I am:

Josephine G

Josephine G
Josephine G


Actor, Cool, Corporate, Kids, Lipsync, Narrative, Natural, Singer, Upbeat, Versatile

What languages do you work in as a voice talent?
English and French.

What languages do you speak well enough to work in?
Spanish, Catalan, English and French.

Do you sing?

What types of voice overs do you do?
Dubbing, advertising, animation, audio guides, audio books, e-learning and soundtracks for theatre and dance.

Have you ever done any acting in theatre or film?
I have training in physical theatre and dance and I produce my own projects in collaboration with other artists and musicians.

How long have you been a voice artist?
20 years.

When did you realize you were good at doing voice overs?
Doing voice and singing training, and through feedback from people around me.

What compliments do you get about your voice?
”It's true! Your voice is really nice to listen to!”

Do you have a hobby or passion relevant to voice overs that you’d like to comment on?
I love experimenting with voice in relation to the body and dance.


Josephine has training in physical theatre and dance and produces various projects. She has over 20 years of experience as 

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