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Toby H

Toby H
Toby H


Actor, Cool, Corporate, Deep, Energetic, Funny, Narrative, Natural, Upbeat, Versatile, Warm

What languages do you work in as a voice talent?
Spanish, Catalan and English.

What languages do you speak well enough to work in?
Spanish, Catalan and English.

Do you sing?

What types of voice overs do you do?
Dubbing, advertising and corporate.

Have you ever done any acting in theatre or film?
Yes. I’ve done loads of film, television and theatre.

If you’ve done work as a dubbing artist, have you ever dubbed anyone famous?
I’ve dubbed a number of well-known actors.

How long have you been a voice artist?
30 years.

Have you done any work as a voice actor that stands out or you consider your best work?
I would say my work on ad campaigns for SEAT, Antonio Banderas’ perfume and Iberdrola among many others.

When did you realize you were good at doing voice overs?
30 years ago.

Do you have a funny anecdote about a voice over job you’ve done?
I’ve had to act from inside a portable toilet on a cliff, put up with a director who made me do 15 takes pretending to be freezing cold in 30 degree weather and deal with hundreds of creatives who had no idea what they wanted but knew the exact color the read needed!

What compliments do you get about your voice?
That it’s lively and passionate and that I’ve got perfect pronunciation.

Do you have a hobby or passion relevant to voice overs that you’d like to comment on?
I love to dub cartoons, sing in the shower and move around my Vespa table!


Toby is a professional actor who delivers top quality reads across a wide spectrum of voice over services.

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