We are a voiceover agency, we are a sound post-production facility with 3 outstanding recording studios and we are fun people to work with.

Here at Idea Sonora we are all voice orientated. Our team have a very fine ear for choosing and recording the voice that suits best your project. We cast new voices on a weekly basis.

We renew our casting regularly, so we can offer you an updated array of voices. We know about intonations, accents, thick voices, casual voices, wobbly voices even blue and cheerful voices.

And we also know about languages. We always work with native speaking talents. Some are in Barcelona, some are just passing by, some are all over. And to do all this, we have the best team in the world.  

Founder/Director: Pep Aguiló
Head of production: Èlia Pablo
Production: Roser Fargas
Sound engineer: Sofia Acri
Sound engineer: David Perez
Sound engineer: David Comas