Spanish voice over

With a database of over 700 voices we can provide with a great range of tones and voice textures in different languages. Being our main strength Spanish voices, we can also provide a good range of talents in English, French, German, Catalan, etc.

In our catalogue we have from professional dubbing and advertising artists with many years of experience, with a solid presentation, to television actors who can give your product a casual natural voice, or singers who can do a jingle in the blink of an eye.

Spanish Voice Over Auditions:

On a weekly basis we do auditions to new voice talents. We provide the talents with some studio time so we can make sure what voices can fit better the future projects. Some with loads of experience, some with less experience but with that “from the street” feel that is so popular nowadays. We also make sure to have always up to date samples of our voices.

Our engineers guide our new voices during the auditions, to reach their full potential. Having conducted so many sessions for such different projects, they are in the perfect position to know what is on demand and in what style our new voices fit better.

Spanish Voice Over Services:

Our services as a Voice Over Agency is to select the best voices for any given project. Our production team are well aware of all the details concerning the organization of a Voice Casting and the negotiation with the talent and also the recording session. We have a lot of experience dealing with clients from all over the world.

Our clients have two options. One is to look around our website, using our filters, in order to select themselves the voices they like more. The other is to contact our production team directly and we will prepare the casting samples that fit best to the briefing, project and quote.